tolla & jan

3 March 2019 | Droombos



“It is our decisions not our conditions that determine our quality of life. “
John C. Maxwell

When we met Tolla and Jan for the first time and asked to organise their small and intimate wedding at Droombos we could not help to think how blessed there are.

To get a second chance in life, a second chance for love and especially companionship is so amazing and we truly are so happy for these two-amazing people.

The brief: a special moment with the people closest to us – celebrating family and friends but ultimately a special celebration of life and a new blooming friendship.

Tolla wanted everything to match her beautifully designed dress and the colours of sage, soft pinks and bursts of Marsala reds was the main colours that was used- The lovely gold cutlery, naked tables and refined blooms set against glass chargers and printed floral napkins made for a stately affair and we loved how all the guest enjoyed the long banquette table set under the stately camel thorn tree in the lush summer gardens.

Even the wedding cake was so fitting the concept and truly veld like a water colour painting with inspiration taken from Tollas lovely dress. The food done by Hantie Jansen and her team of chefs was set up as an Italian feast with amazing fresh produce served so inviting that you could not wait for lunch to de be served.

What makes small intimate wedding so special- I have been doing and planning events for the past 24 years and when we get the chance to organise these intimate events you can always feel the love- There is a promise of laughter, abundant smiles and a cheer – these guests are so one on one with the couple you cannot, not see the bonds.

Thank you to all our amazing service providers and love to thank ConSoAV for the sound and back ground music, Bauernstube for the delicately served food, Mimi Nel for the lovely cake and this amazing photography by Lourika Breed Photography

Tolla and Jan we salute your love and your friendship and thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the trust bestowed on us to create this special day for you..