Bernice + Sven | 3 May 2018 | Heja Game Lodge

“Friends above all – Best friends are forever. I think of you. And all the days we have spent together. You are my best friend, my soul mate. And I know you will always be there until the end. Your shoulder to cry on will always be there. Whenever there is something wrong. When times are tough, you are always there. It shows me your love and care”

This weekend was pure bliss and as event organizers we loved each and every moment – An awesome bride, a charming-want the best for his bride groom and family and friends loving and expressing joy for this friendship becoming lovers and then Husband and Wife.

We were part of their journey for the past year and this family has become the joy we wish for all our wedding planning endeavors. Trust, Loyalty and a bit of Cart Blanch is all we hope for when we meet new clients and the Slippers and Rubow family left us with bucket loads of it.

The brief was simple, give me a wedding to remember, soft greys and subtle pinks and a hint of copper without letting the bling take over- So a rustic, glamour and chic wedding took place this weekend in the bush at Heja Lodge and boy did it look amazing.

The simplicity, the glamour of lights and glimmer truly encapsulated the feel and made for a wedding party like never before.

Bernice Slippers Rubow and Sven Rubow we loved sharing this special day with you and your easiness and love for each other was truly something we do not see each day – You are a wonderful example what L.O.V.E should be.

Thank you to our amazing service providers!

Venue: Heja Lodge (

Food & bar service: Heja Lodge (

Wedding planner and execution: Tamonika Events (Tamonika Events & Floral Expressions)

Decor and flowers: Tamonika Events (Tamonika Events & Floral Expressions)

Personal flowers: Tamonika Floral Expressions  (Tamonika Floral Expressions)

Lighting enhancement: ConSoAV

Wedding cake: SugarCraft

DJ services: Nacio FineTune Barlow

Decor photography: CreativeLab (

Wedding photography: Meraki Photography by Lourika (