Jessica & Phillip | 14 March 2020 | Ankawini Safari Ranch

The landscape around Ankawinni Lodge made for the most amazing wedding the 14th of March and we were so delighted to be part of this special union between Jessica Saunders and Philipp Uhrich. These two-gentle souls made for the most amazing photos and captured the essence of the look and feel to the T. Jess and the Tamonika team got on very well from the start and the look and feel of this wedding was very much driven by ideas both parties brought to the table and we loved the under stated but still mesmerizing feel of the decorative components of this intimate wedding

Just to say that this day was so blessed as friends and family enjoyed the peace and quiet of this charming and natural lodge set between mountains and camel thorn trees. The area was so green it looked like a complete new setting since the Tamonika team have been there in January.


The complete look and feel of this wedding was dried and natural textures and colours was visible all around. The setting was super modern and we used to allot of glass textures and black as a colour scheme to bring the look and feel together.

The use of dried palm leaves, soutbos from the wild and lots of dried plant based materials in the installations above the tables set among st plumes of pampas and the natural tan tassels, nude Edison bulbs hanging made for a delightful display in the robust setting. The tables were finished with high quality linens and the runners from a soft natural gauze brought some soft between all the hard components.

The striking look and feel of all the little fairly lights on the tables and the fairly lights lighting the venue from the sides of the venue made for the drama while the natural woven basket ware and lamps over the tables made for the perfect ambiance.

We dipped dyed natural linens in black and I must say the small detailing on the tables made for a robust and charming setting.

The wedding cake was created by the creative Verena of Pink Meringue and this black sculptural piece was perfect to fir the wedding decor and the feel of the wedding – Add a few philinopsis orchids and natural grasses and this cake was alive with charm and wow factor.

The ceremony was simple and a tribute to these two love birds love. We set the venue with a dramatically dried off center design and the use of the Traditional Turkish karabaçg carpets made for the perfect Isle runner. The Ghost chairs made for such a display as the venue was full but fled empty because of the transparent factor.

No great wedding is amazing without the perfect Dj and we stay in awe of James and his talent – The guest partied to the wee hours of the morning and We love the fact that Nacio FineTune Barlow knows how to make a wedding a party and celebration of note.

To all the other service providers to this wedding – Kudos to you and your excellence….

Venue: Ankawini

Catering service: Bauernstube (Bauernstube)

Wedding planner and execution: Tamonika Events (Tamonika Events & Floral Expressions)

Decor and flowers: Tamonika Events (Tamonika Events & Floral Expressions)

Personal flowers: Tamonika Floral Expressions  (Tamonika Floral Expressions)

Wedding cake : Pink Merinque (Pink Meringue)

Decor photography: Nifty Studio

Wedding photography: Nifty Studio

DJ services: Nacio FineTune Barlow

Lighting enhancement: ConSoAV