Daiana & David | 11 January 2020 | Swakopmund Dunes |Catholic Rosary Church

“até que a morte nos separe….” When these subtle words echoed through the Church of Our Lady of the Rosary build in 1958 in Swakopmund there was a pause, tiers overflowing and a Bride and Groom that stood in this lavish decorated church looking at each other and you could only see love…. The Moment was never ending and even Lize-Leandra Ann Ehlers “Ave Maria” create a moment of utter bliss as her melodic voice filled this church. Family and friends from afar ooooohed and aaaawed when this goddess of a bride walked down the aisle on the arm of her Dad and then stood in front of David …

David Ruben DaSilva Vivo and Diana Jesus Machado Vivo ’s love story is made for the books and we loved every moment creating this special day for these to exceptional people whose generosity and friendship towards the whole group of guests was felt since the wedding planning started… Diana did not leave any stone un-turned creating her special day and we absolutely adding a bit of Tamonika to the T into the wedding recipe. Fabulous rose gold and marsala reds created the perfect colour scheme while the subtlest of soft pinks and rose made for a romantic and soft palate change.

After the ceremony, all the guest hoped onto busses and was transported to the back of the Dune belt in the Dorop National Park for Sundowners and drinks and pure Portuguese hospitality … endless games was played while guest sipped on Champagne and feast on delectable delicious tapas and canapes while listening to the oozing sound of The Ell’s. Many of the guest were from Portugal so this fine red sand made for hours of fun taking selfies and capturing the perfect sunset shots.

The venue was set up in the form of a glass marquee structure provided by KickStart Namand what an impact this majestic structure provided in the middle of the dunes. Guest walked in to the venue and then the wedding reception began in utter wow as Diana and David walked into the site with a camel train while the most amazing belly dancers dance to the beats of “Isaac” by the troupe of Evolve Fire & Entertainment creating the perfect entrance – guest was immediately ready for an evening filled with delight.

After a magical opening dance the couple got seated and it was lovely seeing them so happy and in awe of the friendships and family that came to celebrate their union…. This evening was not without a proverbial surprise and when the famous Ana Moura “performed on the most soulful Fado music even the Namibians was in awe…

The evening was blessed and the food and ambience created truly made for a spectacular set in this remote Dune valley near Swakopmund.

The décor and feel of the event was created was perfect and we loved the little touches of glam that was spread throughout… The Lighting and sound provided by Corporate Event Gear – Namibia – Namibia made the venue alive and even the gobo with the couple Initials made for such an interesting prop. These amazing photos have been taken by twomazing sets of photographers to whom Tamonika Events can only say Thank you….” We are in awe of your amazing work ethic and the final product did not let us down” While Hendrik Steytler Photography was in charge of the Bridal Couple and their entourage, Nadine Hay of Nifty Studio captured the guest, the moments and all the fun and sizzle of the day while SP and his team captured this to the brim filled day to create a mesmerizing short film of the day.

The Wedding cake was a multi tier cake of surprises and even a beautiful egg design in the middle truly made this a piece of art created by Mimi Nel of Sugar Craft. It did not stop with this amazing piece of Cake sculpture as we ate Tamonika made sure the decorative elements and strategic and logistical element made for a show like the 45 candelabras and meters and meters of Fairy lights filled the venue to create an evening of super delight.

The amazing food was served by the capable hands of Bauern StubeHantie Jansen and Ernst Jansen was the dream team to work with – Lots of Respect. Also, a massive shout out to Marlie of Pout-it-Out Makeup Artistry it out for looking after all the mothers and bridesmaids make up … you are truly awesome in your craft.


To each and every service provider we would not have been able to pull this off if it was not for the trust we bestowed on each other- We celebrate your creativity and professionalism through this photo so kindly provided by Nadine and Hendrik.

To the Tamonika Team …. I know we will talk about this production for a long time- You were a force over this period and a can only salute your drive and passion for the event industry of Namibia.

Diana and David, Ana Paula Machado and Families thank you so much for your Trust and love…. It was an honour to assist you with your special day.

Thank you to our wonderful service providers once again, and making this such a successful wedding

Venue: (Swakopmund, Namib Desert)

Catering service: (Bauernstube)

Wedding planner and execution: Tamonika Events (Tamonika Events & Floral Expressions)

Decor and flowers: Tamonika Events (Tamonika Events & Floral Expressions)

Personal flowers: Tamonika Floral Expressions  (Tamonika Floral Expressions)

Wedding Photography: (Nifty Studio)

Wedding Photography (Hendrik Steytler Photography)

Wedding Videoography: Nifty Studio

DJ services: Nacio FineTune Barlow

Lighting enhancement: (Corporate Event Gear – Namibia)

Lize Ehlers (Performer-Church)(Lize Ehlers)

The Ells (performers in Dunes) (The Ell’s)

Ana Moura (Portuguese fado performer) (Ana Moura)

Make up to the bride and family (Pout-it-Out Makeup Artistry)