Old Mutual Awards| 22 February 2020 | Windhoek Country Club Resort

We love when Clients come to us and gives us the opportunity to create enjoyable and creative events- We love creating over the top concepts, but unfortunately, we do not always have open budgets to play with and these days limited budget is the new norm and that is the only reason we always have to fall back on previously used decorative equipment.

Luckily being creative means although we use previously used equipment the concept is always fresh and up to date in the interpretation, which means an innovative concept with a brand-new look and feel.

We are very considered to our corporate market we service and would never supply a concept 100% the same, we alter and create it with the new client in context with the design and the brief of the client we are servicing.

So, thankful to all our amazing corporate clients that gives us the opportunity to create magical events for them.

Not long ago we did a “bling street scene” a bit of “Maboneng” here in Windhoek – The vibrancy of the art, the glamour graffiti and the streets became our inspiration- Street inspiration can go so far and we created a posher look and feel in this case as this event was an Award Session for their top of the top employees. We loved the large marquee letters on the stage as Old mutual is C E L E B R A T I N G their 100 year existence in Namibia this year so we used this as the central theme for all their events.the charming Hermien Elago was the greatest master of ceremonies at this event and captured the audience with her radiant personality in true street style.

The tables were dressed in tar black table cloths and bling-ed up bricks and artifacts to complement the final and desired look for the event. We were so stoked when guest also came in their best street attire, living their own inner fashionistas.


nspiration is all around we can only thank the amazing service providers we used on this event especially dB Audio taking the look and feel and the feel through the amazing sound just that bit further, Windhoek Country Club Resort for the venue and food that fit the theme, the talented Latifah Queen -Priscilla that rocked the stage and got the crowd it to the mood for a “lekker” street party. This event was taken further by the amazing Afroberries Namibia that created the perfect “house blend” and guest partied to the wee hours of the morning CELEBRATING the fruits of their labour.

The street never slept and we loved the energy that was created.
Thank you to Oye Creative Studio for the action shots at this event and for Shawn Van Eeden for the amazing decor stills- These are two of our prefered service providers and we are always in awe of their creative eye and professionalism.

Thank you to the marketing team of Old mutual trusting us to create this memorable event for them