Nedbank Achievers Awards| 13 March 2020 | Droombos

Friday the13th of March 2020 marked the date for Nedbank to award their best of the best and the Tamonika team was privileged to organize an award session that would turn darkness into light- a bit of dark humour was used to fill a day with enjoying award giving and accolades to the achievers in their respective field of expertise.

What made superstition so much fun as a theme? Have fun with the one element that really gives you gooseflesh-be it a black cat in a full moon, a mirror broken, walking under a ladder or then Friday the thirteenth

The Lovely black shed at Droombos was the perfect venue for this Award session, black laid tables and lushes’ black floral displays all in black made for a dramatic showcase…. The venue was engulfed with black drapery and even the large ball shaped lights in the venue was celebrated as massive full moons.

The tables were dressed for a lunch and the black glassware, charger plates and cutlery all made the venue very ominous and this spectacle made all the difference in how guest perceived this fun and interactive theme.

What made it great for us as designers of this event was the large marquee letter making the word “SUPER” meaning the best of the best and so part of superstitious. The whole setting gave you a bit of the creeps when it stood empty. When the awardees arrived, the mood changed because most of them actually dressed like a superstition and seeing how guest enjoy the concept.

The set up by Db Audio made the event so much more dramatic and we love working with them as they build our vision and this makes all the difference when a plan gets mastered because as service providers we work for the same goal – Excellence.

Thank you to Stefan Oosthuizen Photography for the on-point photos of the event… We loved your interpretation of the day through photography.


Thank you to our wonderful service providers once again, and making this such a successful event. Thank you to to Elsa and the Nedbank Marketing team for allowing us to make a bit of Superstition Magic. 

Venue: Droombos

Event planner and execution: Tamonika Events & Floral Expressions

Decor and flowers: Tamonika Events & Floral Expressions

Catering service:Droombos

Event photography: Stefan Oosthuizen Photography & Design

Audiovisual enhancement & event support: dB Audio

Award design and creation :Tamonika Events & Floral Expressions