It seems that event planning in Namibia has become the new “IN” occupation these days.  The dream job for many, the easy getting rich job for others but for me that have been an event planner and organizer of amazing weddings and corporate events with a creative approach the past 26 years, it is an occupation driven by passion and ultimately designing and creating memorable events to fulfill my soul and aspirations in life.

It is like the flu that I cannot get healed from even though there are so many reasons I would love to get healed from this flu that is completely absorbing my life and that of my family.

First of all, the love for my occupation is real and I truly live for each new client walking through the doors of our company -Tamonika Events.

a New face, eyes sparkling with excitement for their event, new possibilities, new design cues, new concepts and Oh! how I love to create new concepts!  It is the medication you take to recover from the flu that works instantaneously and I immediately feel better.

But at the same time, it is so crazy how this same new possibility and design cue and client needs and wishes will keep me up late at night, restless for days and it will drive me to spend money and time to determine if my new ideas will work. New design in events means logistical and administration expenses that get followed up with sourcing of components to make sure that the design and plan works for the future client. So many people do not realize how much goes into a new concept.  It is not an instant mix package…. I wish it was that easy!

Then, I spend a few days getting my ducks in a row and I start to create a mood board, an introductory concept that will line up all the client’s ideas but also the magic that have been specially created for them.  I am just doing my job well and that is why I never start with a budget but rather the picture (Event Design).  The feeling.

The budget becomes the quote and eventually the invoice.

Pictures and dreams are easy to concoct for me.  In fact, it is so easy to just add and add, but unfortunately pictures cost money and clients never seem to understand this. They see magical designs of other event designers.  Designs on Pinterest and think …. “This is what I want” … So, I start to replicate the design cue although I tell my client precisely how I will amend the design to match their needs, budget and personalities.

The idea of copy and pasting ideas as your own is dreadfully wrong and I really abstain from this practice as far as possible… I also assist my clients to always use their own design cue and only use other people designs as inspiration. 

The question is “Why are you paying me if there are millions of other designs that have already been created”

Using services and rental equipment within your area might feel limiting. 

It is also not always viable to source and buy the décor items that you need for your special event.  I have the capacity to provide those specialized items that puts the personal touch on your event.

Many people do not have the ability to put separates together to create the look and feel that they see on a photo.   Clients bring me a file of photos and different ideas that they like, but it does not necessarily work together and I can take your inspiration and put it together to create your personal look and feel.  

This is where a well-organized event planner and designer comes in handy.  I see each design I do as my property, and I love to see my designs come to life, meaning I will spend the money to bring this design alive and you can enjoy it because it was done especially for you.

The benefits using a well-organized event planner and designer is far-reaching and as a client the biggest aid is not having any risk with your event. I use our extensive service provision and equipment to our disposal and this will make all the difference in the end as all these service providers are trusted and we have built on a work relationship and sound work ethic with them.

I have had the time to make mistakes and learn from them and that is the only way to get to that place of near perfection.  That is why I promise you an event without hiccups. Many of my clients will brief me and walk away, only to ask a few days prior to the event, if they can assist with anything.  This is where clients normally provide the personals or items which they have received and would like to include in their designs – But ultimately the Trust between a client and Event organizer is key.

In short, you are paying an event organizer to make sure that the ideals of your event are met, when the organizers have all and I mean all the necessary detail, I can really do my job well.  Things can however go dreadfully wrong for both parties, if the client is not truthful about their likes, dislikes and what is important.

Some ideas of what my occupation entails:   
  • Coordinating and handling all aspects of the event at hand
  • Arranging accommodation and lodging of attendees;
  • Planning food and beverage for the event (e.g. catering, buffet, bar);
  • Planning themes, Event concepts and decorative design
  • Recruiting and instructing the necessary staff for the event
  • Installing or arranging for the necessary audio-visual equipment to be installed according to the activities planned for the event g. Lighting, sound and or visuals
  • Supervising the progress of the event, ensuring it’s aligned with the established budget and deadlines:
  • Facilitating meetings with professional associations, sponsors, and other groups to promote and discuss the details of the conference, convention, or event, or wedding
  • doing one last inspection of the facilities before the event starts in order to ensure it complies with the client’s requirements.
Communicating with the customer:
  • Being the point of contact between customers and the establishment during the entire event process;
  • Efficiently communicating event details to coordinating establishment’s
  • Ensuring all information provided to the client is current and accurate;
  • Assisting customers in all enquiries related to the event and resolving any conflicts that may arise;
  • Managing administrative procedures:
  • Developing a business network with the local venues, vendors, and service suppliers:
  • Complying with the establishment’s event planning and hosting


Reading this, some would say “I can do this”.   Yes, you will be able to do this, but to do this 24/7 and maintain a high standard is a totally different challenge.

 As event organiser, I have found that I need to stay on top of my chores each and every day up to the date of the event as anything can change at any given moment and if I do not stay up to date with all the vendors, the cracks can start to show.

I have found so many times people will say…we will “just wing it” and afterward they will agree that it was a disaster. A large part of my work is to create a comprehensive day schedule or program to secure that on the day the minute to minute running will make sure that the event runs smoothly.


So, before thinking of doing it by yourself, why not give me the opportunity to do what I do best and plan your event for you.  Reassuring you that I will keep to my promise and do it well because my name is aligned with yours thus making sure both of us get the accolades of a well organised and run event.