Old Mutual Cap Classique |5 September 2019 |Windhoek Country Club Resort

Champagne, Bubbles, Champers and Sparkling wine all synonyms for this godly fluid used as a celebratory drink all over the world. We all remember our first glass and we all agree it’s a drink that should not only be drunk on celebratory days but rather a drink for every day as it refresh, it gives you hope and it makes you feel so good.

On the 5th of October 2019, we assisted Old Mutual Namibia to organise and assist with the first ever Champagne Festival hosted at the Windhoek Country Club Resort and what an experience it was.

The look and feel was set out from the start to be spectacular, fresh with an ambience that evoke a feel of spectacular proportions. The venue was draped in a demure green, while fresh white bespoke bars counters and furniture pieces was added into the venue.

The center of the room was created by using plush green velvet couches and chairs while earthy green decorative elements, glass and basket ware made for a glamorous high end
look and feel to the venue.

On arrival, a welcoming area was created with green grass walls and a display of designer vases and artifacts while green grass runners made sure the guest are ready for an evening out.

The magical sound of Vaughn Ahrens created the perfect ambience and such a joy listing and watching a performance on a quint stage as this amazing Namibian artist took you on melodic journey.


All the guest was dressed in white and this truly made for such an experience as everybody just fused in to the space and made you feel extravagant and delighted to be joining in the fun of this well-organized event filled with fellowship… and champagne,

The outside is of the venue was created with Vip lounges under the stars while free form and pagoda tents provided by KickStart Nam created a bit of wow on the lawn.

Thank you to the amazing service providers that assisted the Tamonika team with this endeavor and for DnA event management for trusting us to assist them with the planning and organisation of this never to forgotten event.

We truly hope this will become a calendar entry on to the Namibian Event scene for the future.

Thank you to our wonderful service providers once again, and making this such a successful event

Venue:Windhoek Country Club Resort and Casino

Event planner and execution: Tamonika Events & Floral Expressions

Decor and flowers: Tamonika Events & Floral Expressions

Furniture and Logistics: Tamonika Events & Floral Expressions

Event photography: Nessy Hilifilwa

Event performance:Vaughn Ahrens

Audiovisual enhancement & event support: dB Audio