Rand Merchand Bank I Client event | 22 February 2019| Parkside FNB building

Textures, colours and enough seating

We have many clients that ask us annually to organize the same type of events. Creating a new storyline from a previously used narrative can sometime be difficult but we always create and alter the formula in such a way that even guest that enjoyed an event the previous year will feel that a venue might be the same but the impression of the event was completely different.

Creating any event needs certain elements which will either make it stand out or be totally experienced as non-fun and not hitting the mark. For us Ambience plays a major role and TAMONIKA EVENTS we believe that texture and colour should be the starting block for any event design. When the textural creation is done with finesse I promise even your hardest of men would love the refinement of a well-designed event concept.

Food is another factor that needs to be well executed and without the right amount of colour and differed tastes a menu can break an event. The food as shown in these pictures was done by The Taste Academy and this is the perfect balance of fresh, healthy, luxury and deliciously yummy and decadent.

Drinks is always a must have but having a bar service that knows the terminology and understand the perfect drink composition or just even how it need to be served is just as important. We use Kevin Scott for many years and we love his passion and professionalism.

Sound lighting forms part of the technical set up but also forms massively part of the ambience at events and without these partner’s events can be quite flat in comparison to an event without lighting and sound and the team of dB Audio understands our vision to the T.

Seating is a major element to be taken into consideration when organizing a cocktail event and gone are the days where guest had to hang around a cocktail table. Today at events you always have to make sure the ratio to standing and sitting events is 2/3 and not 1/3 as in the past.

Ambience is only created when all the components work well together in union and the service staff understand the flow of the set up.

Last year we created and organized this lovely welcoming to the year event for the RMB group which forms part of First National Bank on the Roof top of the building and we loved how the contemporary black and white played off between the dried and exquisite textures of basket weaves, philinopses orchid displays and soft flickering candle light.

The Tamonika team loves creating events that stands out and defines our company strategy and when you need an event partner that takes your event seriously and understand the vision of the event we will be great partner for you.

Give us a call at +264 61 250351 or email us at frans@tamonika.com

Thank you to our wonderful service providers once again, and making this such a successful event

Event planner and execution: Tamonika Events & Floral Expressions

Decor design: Tamonika Events & Floral Expressions

Flower design :Tamonika Floral Expressions

Catering service: The Taste Academy

Event photography : Stefan Oosthuizen Photography & Design

Audiovisual enhancement & event support: dB Audio

Marquee & Free form tents: KickStart Nam