Standard Bank I GO Namibia| 23 May 2019 | Droombos

At Tamonika events we love all the events we do equally but there are always that something special when conceptualizing and creating a once off look and feel for a client. Creating this look and feels means we need to put in so much extra hours of planning and organizing and even push ourselves so hard to make sure that the vision comes alive and not fail as our clients has to put massive amounts of trust into our vision.

Last week we assisted Standard Bank Namibia and the ICBC China with a new product that was launched for the Namibian and China Markets and we thoroughly enjoyed working on it. The process of creating a tangible concept hat guest can tap into and form part of the event process was phenomenal and we could see that the tourism industry whom was the mayor part of the guest completely tapped into it.

The overjoying feel of optimism and empowering feel that the I GO NAMIBIA product brought to the launch was mesmerizing and we were overjoyed seeing all the guest enjoying the launch, the music, the food, the ambience but above all the design we worked so hard on.

Conceptualized events will always have that touch of something else, it is different than normal, it has not been experienced before and further it pushes the boundaries of event design and practices in Namibia.

Building amazing events is what we love and with our amazing team of service providers that take our inspiration and change it into a palpable product is worth so much – this provides that gooseflesh moments when a song starts to play and you know the time is now – A simple walk in, a washing of hands- a spiritual feel of happening, all these simple measures become the who ha of the events we organize at Tamonika.

We are not great fans of gimmicks and that is why our events stands for elegance, practicality and glamour as we know how the capture a target market and make them one worth the message of the client or product.

A bit about the launch – The I GO NAMIBIA is truly special as it provides the Chinese and Namibians traveling abroad to EITHER Namibia or China to receive special discounts in accommodation and services when enjoying visiting these two countries.

Our vision for the launch was triggering an effect of possibilities by combining red and blue lines and make them engulf the venue and make the guest feel part of the moment when the launch started.

To team Tamonika I massive shout out and Standard Bank Namibia thank you for trusting us with this milestone event.

To Magy Mengo and Sophy from the marketing team! Thank you so much for trusting and the great professional workmanship to make this a success!

Thank you to our wonderful service providers once again, and making this such a successful event

Venue: Droombos

Event planner and execution: Tamonika Events & Floral Expressions

Decor and flowers: Tamonika Events & Floral Expressions

Catering service: The Taste Academy

Event photography: CreativeLAB

Event performance: The Ells

Event performance: VMSix

Hostesess: Mammoth Events

Audiovisual enhancement & event support: dB Audio

Animation production: Motionbones