Tamonika Events is 100% client orientated and therefore we supply our client base as a portfolio of the trust we share.


Each and every event are treated with a understanding, build on confidentiality and trust. We acknowledge the fact that each and every client is different and has their own strategy branding and ideas. When conception of an advent or wedding take place this will be our first point of reverence in designing and planning a event.


We are proud to be associated with the following clients and individuals and therefore we need to mention a few of which we are very proud of.


and the 746 Wedding Couples which we assisted in the past 22 years.

why truly Namibian events ?



in a country so diverse and beautiful as Namibia it is Tamonika’s continuous goal to develop our event market and event management sector to new heights by involving the whole industry to make Namibia a first choice when it come to incentives and event hosting in Africa.


With different locations and venues in Namibia we are on the fore front of hosting the best incentives and holding on to memories made in this country of diversity and tranquility. The warm heartedness of our people, the diversity of our land and the spectacular ambience each and every town and facilities boasts gives us as event planners the carte blanche to go wild in our imagination and make memories for those attending.