tamonika nawa

and the story

Welcome to the world of Tamonika Events. In the language of one of our indigenous people the Oshiwambo, Tamonika means “the way to be seen” and how your are perceived by our guests or by yourself and creating the word to stem from originality and style, and will normally be used in the following phrase “tamonika nawa” a term expressing the creation of allure which gives complexity to the beauty of it’s surrounding.

We started off in humble beginnings in 1994 in a country – NAMIBIA – that was just celebrating our independence from South Africa . . . we savoured the idea of an events company with a difference, driven by exclusivity, put together by heart, finished wit a look and feel in mind and not what it will cost and selling the ideas of glamour and to “transport” guest for a few hours at a time to a venue of wow . . . a still standing moment – a escape from reality. And today twenty two years later we still create breathtaking moments and where God is still in the detail . . . enjoying each moment, making friends in events as far as we go.



to a “T”

At Tamonika we strive each and every day to create and finish our events to the tee. The expression is actually “down to a tee” or, more commonly simply “to a tee”

This is clear when you discover the origin of the expression. It’s actually a shortened form of “to a tittle”, and expression in use in English by the early 17th century, with the meaning “to the smallest detail.” We love to tittle, and more so love to create and feel swamped by the creative processes forming part of the event industry and our mission is to always finish our events by adding that little something or spend that extra few minutes on doing something spectacular to make your event that much more spectacular.

The smallest detail embed our beliefs and therefore we believe in
this Country,
It’s people and
it’s event industry

Meet the team . . .

we are

With our staff compliment that love and live events this company will not be as successful as it is. A group of talented and devoted Namibians working to grow a industry that was non existent 20 years ago but today forms part of the Namibian Events economy and thus the GDP of the Namibian Economy through the “imported” events we do on a yearly basis.

Staff forms the core of our company and most of these people have been part of Tamonika Events from the start.

Frans van Wyk - CEO
Ronel - Financial Manager

group effort = balance and creative genius”