capricorn dinner soiree

28 September 2017 | Safari Hotel

Mythical steed
Spreading alabaster wings
Flying at will among the stars
Dreams riding on his back…

The gates of wisdom… Not each day that we can transform and create a mythological wonderland complete with goddesses and proverbial Pegasus connecting the stars of Capricorn

The Capricorn group hosted their annual Managers Conference and Awards dinner in the Month of September and we were so honored to assist the Capricorn Marketing Group on establishing a look and feel and concept for this special event.

Deep space and the Stars was our inspiration for this Gala awards session… Connecting the stars as a flight of Pegasus made for a fun and interactive event. Dramatic midnight blues and star printed backdrops created the perfect backdrop for luster blue table cloths and reflection elements – the wings of Pegasus and rich flowering hydrangea created a true wonderland for the guest.

Awards was given to the gods and goddesses of the Capricorn group and we have so enjoyed creating this special event for them. The Hosts was smashing and kept the crowd entertained while a surprise performance by the muses made for “gooseflesh” moments .. White dresses and large white feather wings made them feel like mythological goddesses.

The evening was set with Capricorn stars been awarded and the accolades of the extraordinary company was shown by the pride the employees have working for this remarkable entity.

The guest enjoyed a three-course set menu while drinks went down well on this night to remember.

Off course events like these do not just pop out of the hat and we need to thank the service providers especially as without the va-va-voom in the event industry there is no show.

Venue: Safari Court Hotel and Conference Centre

Event planning and decor creators: Tamonika Events

Audio and visual enhancement and production: dB Audio

PerformanceL The Muses

DJ services: Nacio FineTune Barlow