Cathrin’s birthday soiree

21 October 2017 | The Kraal

“A family is like a forest, when you are outside it is dense, when you are inside you see that each tree has its place.” ~ African Proverb

The birthday celebration of Cathrin was a feast of family, a feast of fun and a feast of “heart”. We designed an event to touch on Africa, its promise, its love and its passion to live in a country that is occupied by inhabitants living for the better of the country, better for its children but ultimately better for your self- a place to prosper and a place to live your “HEART”.

Catrin’s birthday was like touching a proverbial queen, a person that lives for her friends and her family and as her Brother said the evening, if you were invited you are her family and important to her in a very special way.

We created an evening of richness, decor that was the epitome of who Cathrin is and the tables embellished with things that speaks her personality. Rich wood, decadent striped linens, embellished glass ware, rustically beads, metal creations and even amazing Namibian Dried seed pods painted in lustrous black made for amazing pieces of art.

The food was a German feast to say the least and each and every mouthful was a true depiction of the greatness of the Taste academy. The event was personal, intimate and guest enjoyed it to be part of the “CATHRIN LEGACY”.

The music and the lighting played a massive role to take this bush experience and make it a luscious event of plentiful.

Thank you to each and every service provider for all the help and for living your passions..

Event planning and decor creators: Tamonika Events

Lighting enhancement and design: ConSoAV

Catering: The Taste Academy

Birthday cake: SugarCraft

Venue: The kraal at the BushBar