celeste & quinton

3 November 2018 | Heja Lodge

Winning the ultimate price – “LOVE”- it’s like listening to the lyrics of John Legend and then understanding that love is a very infectious thing of beauty…

“Pulling me further-
Further than I’ve been before
Making me stronger
Shaking me right to the core,
oh I don’t know what’s in the stars
Never heard it from above, the world isn’t ours
But I know what’s in my heart
If you ain’t mine I’ll be torn apart – so LOVE ME NOW”

When we heard the elated news that the The Grove Mall Of Namibia winners of the “win a wedding” was announced we were first of all so scared that we will have to plan, orchestrate a run-of-the mill – a normal wedding…. But we were so not ready for this couple – Celeste Goliath and Quinton Ngozu was the proverbial “Wonder couple” the client you always want to have!

The brief was simple – BRING SOME TAMONIKA MAGIC and please do something you have not done before…

If those are not magic words – We do not know what magic words are!!!

We started off with the most elaborate of ideas and Celeste and Quinton said yes to the concept and we started to build on a dream for a dream couple. Magical plums and tones of soft pinks set in copper and vintage golds made for truly flamboyant start to this wedding.

We kept to glamour while a mood of class and simplicity was still used as not to make the wedding feel pompous or staged and thus keeping to the classics with a twist – a recipe for success.

By using amazing dried found In the Namibian landscape and evoking the ideas of blossoms blooming, added the dried jacaranda branches and then the most exquisite blooms of fresh amaranth’s in ruby red, Lovely fresh astilbe in rich maroon, Illex berries set against the the most luscious pink o’hara roses and the lovely dark plum dragon snaps set between amazing green Italian ruscus leaves and greens, privet berries and pepper tree berry and greens.

The tables were dark, demure the perfect platform for striking floral designs. The pairing of the plum napkins, glass chargers and a lovely custom made dried napkin ring truly made for a welcoming setting.

Making the Bridal Banquet the center of attention and the focal of the venue was the design principle from the start and using the beautiful dried jacaranda tree branches hung with 5 large glass chandeliers on different heights gave us the perfect free sculpting ability – following the lines and character of the trees.

Using fresh cymbidiums and dendrobium orchids in blood red and maroon made for an extravagant affair. The table was set with dark brown garden urns with a design of dried palms, amaranthus, orchids, roses and dried aloe leaves. Using fresh plums, black sultana grapes and beets made for the perfect textural setting while the half pomegranates made the feast of the table come alive. What finished the table was two dramatically prints in non-gloss of the couple in large frames and lit with ruby red lighting and a design in a large brown and copper pot with an elaborate floral design finished the picture

The dance floor was demarcated by a lovely designer vinyl and finished off with a tree hung over the dance floor and adorned with many cymbidium blooms and fresh “Namibian blossoms” which was actually find on route to the lodge and was used because of its beautiful pink hue. A scatter of pink faith rose petals truly made the design come alive and the three chandeliers brought the wow factor.

The designs for the centerpieces on the other tables was kept glamorous and slightly over the top – Some tables were dressed with the large brown urns with floral ware and copper candles as other tables was finished with a design of plum glass ware, copper candles and rattan weaved lampshades designed with fresh floral designs on top and hung low over the tables.

We created small intimate chill pocket in the venue overlooking the Heja dam hung with thousands of little fairy lights and used a design of brick ‘n brack furniture and side tables to enjoy the amazing desert spread specially created to fit the theme of the wedding by the Taste Academy.

A wedding of dreams – This was truly in essence a wedding of dreams – lovely warm hear ted family and friends, delightful venue that encapsulated the feel of the wedding while the design and the overall look was sumptuous and glories to look at.

We were so delighted to be part of this event and we width Celeste and Quinton lots and lots of love, friendship and many more wins for the future- We salute you and wish allot of happiness in the future.

Thank you to our wonderful service providers once again, and making this such a successful wedding

Venue: Heja Lodge (https://www.hejalodge.com)

Food & bar service: Heja Lodge (https://www.hejalodge.com)

Desserts: The Taste Academy (The Taste Academy)

Wedding planner and execution: Tamonika Events (Tamonika Events & Floral Expressions)

Decor and flowers: Tamonika Events (Tamonika Events & Floral Expressions)

Personal flowers: Tamonika Floral Expressions  (Tamonika Floral Expressions)

Decor photography: CreativeLab (https://www.creativelab.com.na)

Wedding photography: Meraki Photography by Lourika (https://merakiphotographynamibia.com)

DJ services: Nacio FineTune Barlow

Lighting enhancement: ConSoAV

Wedding cake: SugarCraft (https://www.facebook.com/sugarcraftnam/)

Hair and Make-up of the bride: Pout-It-Out Makeup Artistry