latoya & franco

16 June 2018 | Heja Lodge



this weekend the lovely couple Latoya Beukes and Franco Morao tied the knot between a lovely group of family and friends and we were delighted to be part of their journey…

To the “woods”

My hope and my love, we will go for a while into the woods, scattering the dew and picking mushrooms from the fields, there we will vow to love, we will see the guinea fowl run for a spot in the sun;the buck calling for its final meal,little birds singing on the branches;the veldt getting peaceful – another winter night to bring calm;and till death do us part will be our chorus
And “I do” the refrain.

When this stunning couple made their dream wedding plans the woods was their only “must have” and we had to make a plan that will evoke the calm of the woods, the Namibian winter veldt captured the “ I –Do’s” perfectly while the sun was setting in the west. The perfect ambience to show their eternal love for each other. An assortment of chairs and robust wood services made for perfect play on the theme making the ceremony light hearted and relax.

Drinks and canapes overlooking the dam made for moments of laughter and fun while the couples ran off for an intimate photo session while the guest enjoyed the sun downers and being in one with earth and it’s lavish little moments.

The reception venue took the guest to a proverbial “ western cape wood scene” Dark greens evoked peace and tranquility while soft pinks and flowers created a playground for the senses, warmth, love and passion to live this life together and enjoy the fruits of belonging.

We were overjoyed with the outcome of this wedding as it ticked all the “we want” boxes- it created a warm atmosphere and furthermore created delight and lifted the elements of love by guest, family and friends

Thank you to the amazing service providers who assisted us Mimi Nel of sugercraft , ConSoAV for the amazing mood lighting, Nacio FineTune Barlow for awesome sound and great party music, The Taste Academy for the most Delicious desert table, Meraki Photography by Nasché & Lourika for capturing the couple and the Tamonika Events & Floral Expressions team and the Tamonika Floral Expressions team for the most amazing floral design.

Again we created the wedding to the “T” and made sure it stood for elegance and glamour. We love to
create wow moments for this lovely couple. We wish them a lifetime of love, passion and thinking about their woodland wedding.

Thank you to CreativeLABShawn Van Eeden you are brilliant and we are super honoured to have you on our list of amazing photographers. Your work always gives our work and edge and we love to be part of your genius.