lindsay & dylan

4 February 2017 | Safari Hotel



When a wedding is done … you go back to work on Monday and you feel the miss. The process of wedding coordination sound so easy and step-by-step like textbook but its not because within this textbook they do not teach you how to distance you so far that it doesn’t become personal. This Bride and Groom, the Mother of the bride and the extended family become part of your vocabulary for months on end, like they are distant family of your selves.

With Lindsay, Dylan, Dinah and Basie this will be the case. We had so much fun organizing and planning this bohemian/ contemporary/industrial inspired wedding for the Buitendag and Saunders family that we did not truly contemplate how time flies.

In the end the wedding was a great success and these two amazing people were the epitome of heartfelt grace, love, Jesus in their steps… and so refreshing to see that their Love and Friendship is true and they were as the cliché goes “meant to be together”.

They said their I do’s in a quint little church at the St Paul’s College, where Lesley Dylans Mother Teaches and where Dylan went to School. The little church created the perfect atmosphere, and it was dressed in such a away that the décor truly made it spectacular.

After church the couple went on comprehensive photo shoot and the guest all chatted away while drinking and nibbled away on a delectable table of cheese, and assortments of canapés… while listing to a voice of Rias… Who’s voice carries for miles and pulls you into each song lyric and making you feel chilled…

The venue was set with lots of faux redbrick print as to change the venue into a industrial looking space. The space was demarcated with round, square and wooden trestle tables and all blended with lovely flower and foliage suspension work.

Lovely Burgundy stems, Dark red Cymbidium orchids and blood red Carnations truly made for a spectacular set. Rose gold vases set the tone and even the metal table demarcator truly put the look and feel we wanted to create. Lindsay loves origami ao we started folding away in December already and had a impressive 2000 birds that we scatters and hung as to bring a quirky touch to the Wedding feel.

The wedding cake was another truly statement piece… Marble, rose gold and painted finished with a amazing topper and a taste to die for…

Tamonika team was at their best again and you could see that the Holidays did everybody good…. I am so proud to be associated with them… my event family.

Venue: Safari Hotel and Conference Centre

Wedding planner and decor creators: Tamonika Events

Wedding cake: SugarCraft

DJ services: DJ Paulo

Photography: CreativeLab

Wedding photography: Lilac Photography

Lighting enhancement and installments: ConSoAV