tania & lean

2 December 2017 | Heja Lodge



The short poem that fits this setting and theme …. “Stars have settled & moon will shine, friendship matures like lovely wine, a very lovely night to a friend of mine, may your night be cool & fine”…. We hope that Lean and Tania will always shine and enjoy their special love .

One cannot describe the feel of this wedding as it was truly special… the guest was such heart-warming people and they proverbial carried the day and made it distinct for each and every one.

The brief by the client “Make sure it is a fun, quirky, stylish, glamour, yellow, bohemian wedding and we added a touch of American Indian..The American Indians have the custom of placing their kills sculls around their villages and hanging wreaths with feathers and leather strips to keep harmful spirits away .. we adapted this custom for this wedding to keep all bad omens away from this marriage .

This came about that we created a whole look and feel around the dramatic dream Catchers and we felt all the good wishes, vibes and love move through them and in the end Love was captured in overdose… this was visible in the bride and grooms smiles the whole day

These photos taken by CreativeLAB, and Meraki Photography by Nasché & Lourika by Lourika

Truly captures the specialty of this event to the “T” and we are super proud to be associated with such professionalism.

What made this event so spectacular was the fact that Tamonika was left to create to their hearts content and that is precisely when we are good at what we do- We create from the heart and we do not see a second in the sun working to midnight hours and working without enough sleep as we can see the spectacular flow of event before our eyes-

We drink and eat events, we drink and eat the work we do and we celebrate our passion with glimmer and pride in our eyes- we stand in awe and say out loud “YES”!

This wedding truly came together because the service providers understood the brief “WOW US” and each one did it in bucket loads full –

Venue: Heja Game Lodge

Wedding planning and decor creators: Tamonika Events

Lighting enhancement and design: ConSoAV

Dessert delectable: The Taste Academy

Wedding cake: SugarCraft

Wedding invitations: Secret Diary

Thank you to the bride and groom for trusting us to create this for them- we truly loved each and event aspect of this wedding!